About Us

Our name Bella Fiore Quilt Shop comes from my Italian maiden name, Belfiore meaning beautiful Flower.

I started sewing in 1969 making crafts and clothing for my children. I have focused primarily on quilting since 1995. In what ended up being the best Christmas gift ever, I gave my sister Laurie a large basket filled with fabric and quilt books in 2000 and we have been pursuing this common interest ever since.

In 2001, frustrated by the cost and limited pattern choices of having our quilts machine quilted for us, Laurie and I purchased a Gammill LongArm Quilting System. After much practice on our trusting friends quilts ( Thank-You All!), we started a long arm business - 2 Sisters Quilting.

In 2009 I convinced my daughter Shelli Cerone to buy a good sewing machine and her quilting interest took off like crazy. In January 2012 my daughter and I opened Bella Fiore Quilt Shop. 

We offer beautiful fabric and all the supplies you need to make your quilts. We bought the 2 Sisters Quilting business and now offer long arm services to finish your quilts for you at the shop.

You are probably wondering what happened to my sister Laurie. Well, take a beginner's quilting class or a fiber arts class and you can meet her. She is one of our teachers.

Now Shelli, Laurie and I are quilting together.